Native American Veterans

Native American warriors hold places of high honor within their tribes.

Indian people served in the United States military long before they were given United States citizenship. In fact, between 1917 and 1918, over 10,000 American Indian people enlisted into the armed services to serve in World War I. Although this was the greatest number of enlisted people from any one non-Anglo culture, citizenship (with the right to vote) for Native Americans was not granted until 1924. Native Americans account for less than one percent of the total registered population of the United States, yet they provide more military members per capita than any other ethnic group and utilize veterans benefits less than any other group.

The Squaxin Island Tribe’s Veterans’ Memorial began with the inspiration of Bruce Johnson, a beloved tribal member, Vietnam veteran, and leader who passed away in 2003. Bruce spoke out about the need for a memorial as a place to educate tribal members and the public about the tremendous sacrifice of tribal warriors.

Today, Native American warriors are the protectors of the people and land with an important and ongoing role in the life of the tribe. Their presence within the community as heroes is priceless. Squaxin Island veterans are fiercely proud of their service. And the Squaxin Island community is equally proud of their sons and daughters, fathers and mothers who have served, and continue to serve, to keep the peace at home. We believe that now is the time to recognize and pay honor to their service and personal sacrifice, and we ask that you to support us in this cause.

Please take a few moments to view these sites I created for the Squaxin Island Tribe.

Squaxin Island Tribe Veterans’ Memorial
Don’t miss Qawila’s the Warrior.


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