Photography Tips

Great photographs immortalize emotions that tug on our heart strings.  Whether it is a beautiful landscape or a crying child, the key is to capture images that speak to our hearts.

Here are some quick tips to help you take great pictures without a lot of technical training:

• Frame your image. Take just a few seconds to check the background.  First make sure there is nothing that could be viewed as offensive to viewers. Then check your position.  Moving a step or two to the left or right might eliminate an unsightly garbage can or some other unsightly diversion.

• Focus on the eyes.  People always make interesting subjects, but if your image is out of focus and blurry, it won’t make as strong an impact. Take a second or two to make sure the eyes “the window to the soul” are in focus.

• Take high resolution images.  Its easy to downsize later, but much more difficult to enlarge.

• Shoot away from sunlight if possible.  Direct sunlight will always interfere with a great shot.

School of Photography offers a great free site with lots of tips, including how to manipulate your images after shooting.


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